Branson House

USA SIPS provides the end user’s best option in Green Building, strong efficient and less expense to construct and operate than conventional structures.



Highest Energy Efficiency for New Builds & Retrofits with Energy Consumption and Energy Bills reduced by 50%.

USA SIPS Panels are Third Party Certified for Strength, Integrity, and Internal Energy Conservation Codes.



LEED Platinum, Post- Modern, Traditional, Affordable, Industrial

USA SIPS laminated panels create a continuous column structure similar to Steel I-Beam construction.





Tulsa Roof Pic


Structural Roof Retrofits for Historical Buildings provide true R-30 Insulation on the roof.






USA SIPS Structures arrive in Kit Form – Ready to Assemble with Numbered Panels and Detailed Drawings.





Build Greener    –     Faster   –     Stronger    –    Less Expensively


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