panelsbingUSA SIPS provides its clients with third party tested panels that create more energy efficient, structurally stronger, quieter, and better air quality structures.  Builders who use USA SIPS can provide a stronger, greener, IRC and IBC approved structure to their clients in less time and with less expense than with conventional building methods.  USA SIPS are the best structural and insulating building component available, providing sheathing, framing, and insulation in one panel for every style of new architecture, remodel, and historic retrofit, whether residential or commercial.


panelshouseUSA SIPS structures are faster to build than conventional structures with framing, sheathing, insulating, and air sealing taking place simultaneously at the time of erection.  Standard three bedroom homes constructed of USA SIPS are erected, as mentioned above, and “dried in” in 24-36 man hours.  Outside testing also shows a 30% decrease in electrician’s time and expense in the construction process.  Saving time in construction means saving money both in labor and interest payments for USA SIPS clients.


panelssumwinEnergy consumption and energy bills are reduced by half or more with a USA SIPS structure.  USA SIPS structures have 90% less air leakage and real world studies of SIPS structures side by side with conventional batt insulated structures, show the SIPS structures to be 5X more energy efficient in use.



Fast to construct and highly energy efficient, USA SIPS structures are also structurally stronger than sticks, bricks, steal and Insulated Concrete Forms.  The laminated panels create a continuous column structure to steel I-Beam construction, while the EPS cores create a continuous web, working together to increase wind loads, live and dead load capacity, and reducing torque.  USA SIPS construction is, therefore, recommended for areas with the potential for high winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.


overviewlowerenergyAt home or in the office or factory, steady state temperatures from floor to floor without drafts, makes the occupant comfortable.  USA SIPS provide the highest air quality ratings and are sound buffering, even near highways and airports.  Further, these structures are less expensive to insure and require less maintenance along with lower utility bills.


The verdict is in.  USA SIPS are the builder’s and end user’s best option in green building, strong, efficient, and less expensive to construct and operate than conventional structures.  Read the research from Oak Ridge National Laboratories and other leading research institutions at USA