One of the strongest, most versatile construction components available today. An energy-efficient system for building all types of homes.


Each USA SIPS panel contains one pound of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) for every cubic foot of core.  Higher densitities are available for special applications.  Depending on the strength and energy-efficiency your application requires, you can specify four standard thicknesses for your USA SIPS panels.  EPS is an inert, stable cellular plastic with superior insulating qualities.  Unlike many other foam products, EPS is “Ozone-Friendly” – no CFCs are used in the production of Insulspan panels.  Other characteristics of EPS include:

Structural Integrity – EPS retains its shape indefinitely.  It will not shrink, decompose or disintegrate due to age or weather.

Thermal Stability – The insulating value of EPS does not decrease with age.

Toxicity – EPS is formaldehyde-free.

Low Water Absorption – EPS has a closed cell structure.  Its water absorption level is so low that moisture and the elements will not significantly affect its insulation values.

Permanence – EPS is an inert, organic material.  It provides no nutritive value to plants, animals or micro-organisms.  It will not rot and is highly resistant to mildew.

Flammability – Like many construction materials, EPS is combustible.  It should not be exposed to flame or other ignition sources.  However, you can expect a building made with USA SIPS products to survive a fire that would completely destroy a “stick-built” home.  The panels have passed rigorous fire endurance tests required by national codes, and their solid core construction eliminates the “chimney effect” caused by hollow stud walls.  See technical bulletins for further application information.


Refer to USA SIPS Installation Manual for specific installation instructions.  Spline channels are pre-routed where required.  Rakes, eaves and rough openings can be factory-cut.  Wire chases (vertical and horizontal) are available upon request.

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