Sips2housesUSA SIPS, in partnership with Bullis Built, Inc., built energy efficient, affordable housing, 18 houses and 6 duplexes, for the Otoe Missouria Tribe, in Red Rock, Oklahoma.  As is so often the case, this project started with the architect, Robert F. Reed, who chose USA SIPS for the project because, “Red Rock is far removed from any city, and I liked the efficiency of semi-manufactured housing for the site.”

Further, Reed stated, “The tribe was concerned that their other housing units had higher electric bills than rent, and they needed a more energy efficient housing alternative to be truly affordable.”  USA SIPS was a natural choice, given the quick systematized construction and extreme energy efficiency the product affords the end user.

DVC00030Baptiste Shunatona, Treasurer of the Otoe Missouria Tribe, was also involved early in the selection process of building materials.  Shunatona said, “We made a trip to the USA SIPS plant in Bartlesville and were very impressed with the way the plant was run and the quality of the materials.  We were also very impressed with the energy figures we saw along with the building cost figures, and the way that could help our people.”  With both the Tribal officials and the architect on board, the USA SIPS and Bullis Built project got underway.

Montie Bullis, owner and operator of Bullis Built, which specializes in energy efficient homes, has plenty to say about the project he is currently building. “I think this is really good for the Tribe, giving them lower utility bills and better housing than they have ever had,” said Bullis in a telephone interview from the jobsite.

“There is no jobsite waste from the USA SIPS product, allowing for fewer trips to the dump and less waste in our landfill, and if you’re really concerned about ‘green’, that’s a big issue.”  Bullis is not new to the USA SIPS product, either.

“We’ve used this product before.  There’s no air infiltration, and we use smaller heat and air units with the building envelope being so efficient, so we save there, too.  We’ve always achieved energy star and above ratings with this product, and we will this time, too, ” said Bullis.

Clyde Sare, owner of USA SIPS, stated, “This is the kind of project that everyone gets to feel really good about.  Here, on the ground in Bartlesville, we produce the panels to frame, sheath and insulate the walls and roof of two houses per week and send them out on one trailer.  Meanwhile, Montie Bullis gets to erect them in one day, and we can all rest assured that the Otoe Missouria Tribe will have stronger, ‘greener’, more energy efficient, and affordable homes than they have ever had before.  USA SIPS helps people to create a more sustainable lifestyle, and we’re proud to be there to help. Everyone wins in a deal like this.”